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Our History

Northwest Artisan Tile Company

The Tile trade was passed on to us starting back around 1999, tiling all over the Seattle area mostly working with natural stone and custom mosaics as the transition from apprentice to tile layer progressed, the love for this trade as a skill and artform has maintained till today. These days we have since moved into full home remodeling, with our honest, punctual, communicative, team of professionals you will be “at home” in your home the entire project!

Creative Craftsmanship & Design

Lucas Hendricksen

Lucas was born in 1985 in the Pacific Northwest, where he began his journey in craftsmanship and design under the guidance of his uncle Todd, a master in natural stone and custom mosaics. This apprenticeship during the late 90s and early 2000s laid the foundation for his lifelong passion for creativity and meticulous work.

Lucas’s diverse career journey included a decade as a sushi chef, contributing to the expansion of a local business from 1 to 11 locations. He also ventured into entrepreneurial endeavors with Slave 2 The Sushi catering and created a unique clothing line that infused artistic elements into the construction field. In 2015, he returned to his roots in the tile industry, quickly ascending to lead installer at a leading Seattle company.

After gaining significant experience, Lucas founded Sticks And Stones Flooring And Tile LLC. He later established the Northwest Artisan Tile Company, specializing in full bathroom remodels with a focus on high-quality tile work. The company’s expertise extends to custom mosaics, ranging from animal and people portraits to stunning designs and large-scale murals, each showcasing their artistic flair.

As an ambassador for the National Tile Contractors Association in Washington State, Lucas is committed to upholding industry standards and mentoring local artisans. His dedication to the craft has been recognized in industry publications and His mentor will be featured in Lucas’s upcoming book, “Hands of Heritage,” a coffee table book celebrating the legacy of artisan mentors set to publish late next year.

Lucas is not only a professional in his field but also a man of faith, a family man, happily married for nine years, and a father to two daughters.

His partnership with Danny Mecca in Northwest Artisan Tile Company is built on shared values of delivering excellence in their, dustless, health-conscious projects always with an artisanal touch.

Known for being a people person, Lucas cherishes building personal connections with his clients. He finds the completion of each project bittersweet, feeling a sense of fulfillment in the beautiful results and a touch of sadness in leaving a space where connections and memories have been made.

Lucas’s philosophy is straightforward: He deeply cares about his clients and their homes. His approach is thorough and meticulous, never cutting corners or settling for the bare minimum. Each project with Northwest Artisan Tile Company is an opportunity to create something beautiful and lasting, a space that reflects their dedication to excellence.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Lucas Hendrickson’s path. At Northwest Artisan Tile Company, it’s not just about the project; it’s about crafting spaces where memories are made. They look forward to bringing their unique touch to your home.

Strength, Unity & Determined

Danny Mecca

Danny was born in Helena, MT, and spent his early adulthood going through the college educational rigors with a passion for multiple areas. Ultimately it led him to spend his life in coffee shops studying exercise physiology, graduating with his bachelor’s degree in human performance and exercise science. Over his last three semesters, God called him to split paths with how Danny thought he’d be spending his time helping patients with their movement patterns and ailments, to carve a way into the tile industry. One core principle that he brought with him to his first company Mecca’s Mark -tile & stone- now is fused with his partner Lucas’ same morale: CARE. It is the driving force for all Danny does in and outside of Northwest Artisan Tile Company, and it’s a unity that strengthens his and his partner’s determination to leave a lasting mark on everyone’s home.

Outside of other’s homes, Danny prioritizes his family: his wife and their two daughters. Bringing Montana with them to Washington they are surely outside enjoying God’s creations, or in celebration with their friends and family. Relationally rooted and passionate about people, Danny loves to serve, strives to always meet industry standards, and is fervent in integrity. This is why he is a member of the National Tile Contractors Association alongside his business partner Lucas, educating themselves on the industry and being at the forefront of its growth.